Brie Stoner's 'Me Veo': A Resounding Success and Journey of Self-Discovery

Label 51 Recordings proudly released Brie Stoners debut album, Me Veo, on May 3rd 2024.  The album marks a significant milestone in Brie’s career and her self reflecting, emotive lyrics  and dream pop melodies have resonated deeply with  listeners and critics alike.

Me Veo symbolizes a profound period of self-discovery for Stoner. The album, whose title translates to “I see myself” in Spanish, captures her journey through introspection and empowerment. Produced by David Vandervelde, known for his collaborations with Father John Misty, the album melds late-sixties French pop with the dreamy psychedelia of ’90s rock, creating a unique and mesmerizing soundscape​ (Atwood Magazine)​​ (SPIN)​.

The album’s success has been attributed to its authentic and relatable themes. In interviews, Stoner discussed how Me Veo reflects her multifaceted identity, integrating her experiences of living in Spain and the United States. Tracks like “Honey,” “Hungry,” and “Loved Me Like a Weapon” delve into themes of desire, self-acceptance, and empowerment, resonating with listeners who see their own struggles and triumphs mirrored in her music​ (Atwood Magazine)​​ (​.

During the pandemic, Stoner found herself turning inward, which became a pivotal moment for her creativity. She described this period as a time when she fully embraced her artistic identity, allowing her to create music that is deeply personal and universally appealing. This introspective journey is evident throughout Me Veo, where she explores her own complexities and encourages listeners to embrace their own​ (New Releases Now)​​ (It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine)​.

The album has not only captivated fans but also found a place in mainstream media. Stoner’s music has been featured in high-profile campaigns for Ralph Lauren and Victoria’s Secret, as well as in popular TV shows like Orange Is the New Black and The Affair. These placements have broadened her audience and showcased the universal appeal of her music​ (SPIN)​​ (New Releases Now)​.

Me Veo stands as a testament to Brie Stoner’s growth as an artist and her ability to connect with her audience through authentic storytelling. Label 51 Recordings celebrates this achievement and looks forward to seeing how Stoner’s journey continues to unfold.

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