Mojave Phone Booth – Hollow The Numbers: A Sonic Odyssey Awaits!

A desert. An old, isolated phone booth. The vast stretch of the Mojave surrounding it. And within this surreal backdrop, a story unfolds, enveloped in a soundscape that defies the conventional. Enter “Mojave Phone Booth – Hollow The Numbers,” a psychedelic industrial/electronic art-rock concept album, waiting to be unveiled.

Hollow The Numbers: More Than Just Music

Brought to you by Label 51 recordings, this isn’t just an album—it’s an experience. Crafted painstakingly in the home studio of the dynamic husband and wife duo, Tobey Torres-Doran and Mitchell J Doran, both illustrious figures formerly of the cult electronic act Snake River Conspiracy, this is an invitation to traverse through their life stories. Each track is more than just melody and rhythm. It’s deeply personal, echoing events that have shaped them.

Joining them on this journey is their regular drummer, Lynn Farmer from the iconic Meat Beat Manifesto, and as a cherry on top, there’s a guest performance from Flea of the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers. With such stalwarts at the helm, “Hollow The Numbers” promises to be an auditory delight.

Deluxe 2 Disc Edition: The Adventure Amplified

For those craving a deeper dive, the Deluxe 2 disc edition is a treasure trove. With extensive remixes made by the band, it’s the same songs you love, but with a twist. Experience the same story from different sonic perspectives and get lost in the maze of musical ingenuity.

The Countdown Begins!


  • 25 Days


Pre-Order Now: Be a Part of the Journey

Why wait? Dive into the experience now. Secure your copy and be among the first to embark on this sonic journey. Pre-order Hollow The Numbers here.

A Note from Tobey and Mitchell:

“This record is autobiographical and a concept album. The songs are deeply personal and reflect events that actually happened to us. This album was extremely therapeutic and freeing to record. We are excited for the future and can’t wait to develop a deeper relationship with our listeners.”

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking album. Pre-order now and immerse yourself in a world where music, emotion, and storytelling converge. Join Tobey, Mitchell, and the team on this unforgettable journey. Dive deep into “Mojave Phone Booth – Hollow The Numbers.”

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