Rain Parade 02

The Rain Parade pioneers, Matt Piucci and Steven Roback, bring their third studio album to life.

Once again, Rain Parade, a prominent icon of the vibrant Paisley Underground scene in 80’s Los Angeles, comes together to continue their musical legacy.

Embracing their characteristic psychedelic essence, producer Jim Hill collaborates in creating an album that blends powerful melodies and authentic psychedelic elements. Standout tracks include ‘Got The Fear’, with its heartbreaking guitar and profound lyrics, and ‘Green’, whose alchemical allusions and enigmatic sound provoke instant addiction. On the other hand, ‘Bring You Back’ allows us to appreciate a happier face of Rain Parade’s psych-pop.” (Nick Hasted, Uncut).

This record is enriched by the stellar collaboration of personalities such as Debbie and Vicki Peterson, members of the renowned band The Bangles.


1. Angel Sister
2. Last Rays Of A Dying Sun
3. Couldn’t Stand To Be Alone
4. Bring You Back
5. Got The Fear
6. Share Your Love
7. Sunday’s Almost Gone
8. Green
9. Forgetfulness
10. Other Side Of You
11. Left The Fire

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