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About the album

We Need to Talk… is an emotional record on so many levels. We are finally releasing songs we recorded a few years ago with Cecilia before she passed. Songs that are so current for the times we are living in. We share our passion for what is right, just and what amuses us. It is our declaration of sentiments. 
Love, Deanna

We started Frightwig because we felt the need to call out all the fucked up things we saw in our society, in the capitalist system, and in the dominant and arbitrary patriarchal quest to control that which is not theirs. The inequities are too obvious, too damaging, and way too accepted and we took it upon ourselves to try to bring it to light. We started this conversation 40 years ago, and frankly, thing seem like they are going backwards on many fronts. Some of these songs are old and some are new, but all of them are relevant to the current times. Some lyrics of old songs have been updated to more fully communicate our sentiments. We’re big mouthed broads and we have so much to say- we need to call this shit out and continue the discussion… we need to talk…

The Story

Pioneering feminist punk band FRIGHTWIG has returned with their latest album, We Need to Talk… (Label 51 Recordings), plus a special bonus 7″ single dedicated to their late but forever-present drummer Cecilia Kuhn who transcended this earthly plane in 2017.

Since forming in San Francisco in 1983, Frightwig has had two objectives: Spread joy and smash the patriarchy. For 40 years, they’ve succeeded on both fronts with a mix of in-your-face hardcore energy and a fearless activist spirit. A formative influence on the Riot Grrrl movement and beyond, the band embraces fellow freaks, sinners, and misfits — and the coven of Frightwig devotees has only grown larger and stronger with time. Jeanne Fury, Writer, editor and coauthor of “Fallopian Rhapsody: The Story of the Lunachicks” (Hachette Books, 2021).

Included as a Special Bonus 7″ with the album, “We Need To Talk…”

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We Need to Talk…

Artist : Frightwig
Catalog ref. : LAB 51004

Label 51 recordings