Frightwig: Reviving the Feminist Punk Spirit with 'We Need To Talk...' this September 29th

FRIGHTWIG   |  📅 Release Date:29th September
Album: We Need To Talk…
Bonus: “Shine Your Light b/w The Possum”

A sonic return that no one saw coming: The pioneering feminist punk band FRIGHTWIG unveils their latest musical endeavor, We Need to Talk…, available on Label 51 Recordings. But that’s not all! As a homage to their beloved drummer, Cecilia Kuhn – whose presence still looms large despite her passing in 2017 – they’ve released a special bonus 7″ single.

Hailing from San Francisco and dating back to 1983, Frightwig embarked on a mission that was twofold yet monumental: Spread joy and obliterate the patriarchy. Their 40-year journey has been a testament to these goals, blending unapologetic hardcore energy with a relentless activist spirit. As pillars for the Riot Grrrl movement and champions for outcasts everywhere, their influence is undeniable.

“A formative influence on the Riot Grrrl movement and beyond, the band embraces fellow freaks, sinners, and misfits — and the coven of Frightwig devotees has only grown larger and stronger with time.*” — Jeanne Fury, Writer, editor, and coauthor of *“Fallopian Rhapsody: The Story of the Lunachicks” (Hachette Books, 2021)*.

Don’t miss out on this next chapter of Frightwig’s epic journey. Dive into their unique blend of raw energy, heart, and punk spirit. Available on the 29th of September.

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