The Dream Syndicate: How Did We Find Ourselves Here?

The Dream Syndicate: How Did We Find Ourselves Here? Documentary and Soundtrack Live Through the Past, Darkly Released by Label 51 Recordings

Label 51 Recordings proudly announced the release of the long-awaited documentary How Did We Find Ourselves Here? along with its companion soundtrack Live Through the Past, Darkly. This package included both a DVD and CD, as well as a double LP edition.

The documentary DVD, How Did We Find Ourselves Here, featured commentary from notable figures such as Chris Robinson of Black Crowes, Stephen McCarthy of Long Ryders, and David Fricke of Rolling Stone. It chronicled The Dream Syndicate’s journey from their early beginnings, through conflicts with former friends, battles with major record labels, their disbandment, and their reunion in 2012. Exclusive to this DVD was a previously unavailable one-hour 1983 Dream Syndicate live concert filmed at the Roxy in Los Angeles.

Accompanying the DVD was the brand-new CD (also available as a double LP) titled Live Through the Past, Darkly. This collection featured never-before-released live audio spanning the band’s entire career from 1983 to 2023, including performances by Karl Precoda, Paul Cutler, Jason Victor, Steve Wynn, Dennis Duck, and Mark Walton. A highlight was the special guest appearance of Vicki Peterson of the Bangles on a 15-minute version of “John Coltrane Stereo Blues” from the band’s recent London performance.

Live performance release shows were held in Los Angeles and New York, featuring special guests Vicki Peterson and John Cowsill.

The documentary How Did We Find Ourselves Here? told the story of The Dream Syndicate’s influence over American college radio and indie fanzines in the early ’80s and their enduring popularity in Europe. The film featured insights from the band members themselves, as well as contributions from family, friends, journalists, and musicians such as Chris Robinson, Stephen McCarthy, Ryan Adams, Chris Cacavas, Chris D., David Fricke, Russ Tolman, Tim Devine, Tom Gracyk, Pat Thomas, Karen Schoemer, Kari Pearson, Scott McCaughey, Sandy Pearlman, Dan Stuart, and Howe Gelb.

The soundtrack Live Through the Past, Darkly was a career-spanning collection of previously unreleased live recordings, showcasing nearly every Dream Syndicate lineup. It included performances from the band’s three stellar lead guitarists: Karl Precoda, Paul Cutler, and Jason Victor. During the band’s recent UK tour, Vicki Peterson filled in for Jason Victor, delivering an exceptional performance that was captured on the soundtrack.

This release marked a significant addition to The Dream Syndicate’s legacy, offering fans both old and new a comprehensive look at the band’s storied history.

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