The Dream Syndicate

After The Dream Syndicate’s initial dominance over American college radio and indie fanzines circa 1982-84, it was the continent of Europe that embraced band year after year, decade after decade. The band crisscrossed the continent so many times that we’ve all lost count along with the countless European labels that have released, reissued, and even bootlegged this sublime crew led by Steve Wynn – accompanied by Dennis Duck and more often than not, Mark Walton. How Did We Find Ourselves Here? tells this saga in a linear fashion that even the most uninformed can follow – while long-time fans will be both educated and entertained.

Along the way you’ll hear from the band themselves, as well as family, friends, journalists and connected musicians; Chris Robinson, Stephen McCarthy, Ryan Adams, Chris Cacavas, Chris D., David Fricke, Russ Tolman, Tim Devine, Tom Gracyk, Pat Thomas, Karen Schoemer, Kari Pearson, Scott McCaughey, Sandy Pearlman, Dan Stuart and Howe Gelb.

What makes soundtrack Live Through the Past, Darkly interesting is that it’s a career spanning collection of previously unreleased live (or radio) recordings that features nearly every Dream Syndicate line-up. All that is missing is a song with Dave Provost on bass. It certainly includes all three of the band’s stellar lead guitarists; Karl Precoda, Paul Cutler, and Jason Victor. But as many fans know, during the band’s recent tour of the UK – Jason Victor (due to prior commitments) was unable to make it, so Paisley Underground tigress Vicki Peterson stepped up to the plate. Vicki wrote or co-wrote nine of the eleven songs on The Bangles debut album All Over The Place. She is also a member of the Continental Drifters with Mark Walton. There’s no better showcase of her brief lead guitar tenure with the band than “John Coltrane Stereo Blues”.

DENVER, CO – Label 51 Recordings is very proud to announce that the long-awaited documentary about The Dream Syndicate How Did We Find Ourselves Here? and its companion soundtrack Live Through the Past, Darkly will be released as both DVD + CD and DVD + double LP editions on February 9th, 2024.


Rain Parade – Angel Sister

The Dream Syndicate