Rain Parade – Last rays of a dying sun

Paisley Underground legend, Rain Parade, is back on stage!


Rain Parade is back. Don’t miss the premiere of the single ‘Angel Sister’ on July 7 and the album release ‘Last Rays Of A Dying Sun’ on August 4th

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About the Band

Rain Parade was a noteworthy band that emerged from the early 1980s music scene in Los Angeles. Formed in 1981, the group consisted of Matt Piucci (guitar, vocals), Steven Roback (bass, vocals), David Roback (guitar, vocals), Will Glenn (keyboards, violin) and Eddie Kalwa (drums). David Roback later became a key figure in Mazzy Star, another band of significant influence.

Fast forward to now, it's exciting to hear about the revival of Rain Parade.

Their forthcoming single ‘Angel Sister’ and album ‘Last Rays Of A Dying Sun’ are likely to rekindle interest in the Paisley Underground sound and continue the band’s legacy. It’s a testament to their enduring influence and the timeless appeal of their music. Fans, new and old, will be eagerly awaiting this release.

  1. Angel Sister Single Rain Parade 3:53

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